Melissa Cribbins for state senate

The 2020 election season is the most important in our generation. Nationally, we have been held captive to the disaster that has been Republican Donald Trump who, spewing lies and disinformation, has promoted the rise of hate organizations. It took most of Lincoln City's police force to arrest seven pro-Trump, Nazi-saluting thugs who, on July 4, were harassing a Black family on the beach. Republicans have generally been silent in pushing back against these racist militia types. In Michigan, a pro-Trump, right-wing militia was taken down for planning to kidnap the governor. 

I urge my fellow coastal voters to reject Dick Anderson and his tired old Republican approaches to today's problems. I've been following a community discussion on the "Next Door" website and find that most of our local residents are criticizing his poor participation in the fire disasters. One writer to the News-Times is concerned that Anderson will not "show up for work" as have many in the State's Republican caucus. We need a leader who will not be "missing in action" but who is front and center representing all of our interests.  

As our state leaders plan to rebuild our burned-up communities, we need the youthful energy and experience of Melissa Cribbins to lead the way locally and at the important state level. As an independent candidate, she will not be beholden to any old party line approach to solutions but will apply her own  creative vision.

Melissa Cribbins will choose what's best for all of us and not just what favors the Republican party.

Ken Sund



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