‘Meditate & Create Playshop’ at the VAC

The Newport Visual Arts Center will be hosting an event on Saturday, Jan. 19, that is designed to help people expand their own creativity. “Meditate & Create Playshop” will be held in the second floor classroom at the VAC.

The purpose of the playshop is to help writers, artists, musicians, leaders, innovators and others strengthen their relationship with creativity. With gentle humor and simple actions, facilitator Eileen Lighthawk guides her students on a journey of discovery and empowerment.

Lighthawk, who has decades of teaching experience, believes that inspiration surrounds us, and creativity exists for us all. 

“We are interesting beings, both creation and creators; wave and particle; spirit and matter,” she said. “Each of us is unique in our perceptions, and each has something unique and life-affirming to share. I like to help people access their own authentic voice.” 

In this playshop, an environment is created to honor and strengthen each individual's friendship with creativity. In just a few hours, class participants will get to practice simple creative techniques they can use for the rest of their lives. The class is open to all skill levels.

Each participant will leave at the end of the day with a personally meaningful painting. More importantly, they will take home a stronger understanding of their own ability to create in any field of endeavor.

The playshop fee is $37, which includes all art supplies.

Register by contacting the Coastal Arts Guild at 541-765-4599.