Marcia Buckley has the experience needed

I am writing this letter to urge the voters of Lincoln County to vote for, and retain Marcia Buckley as circuit court judge.

I have known Judge Buckley for over 20 years. When you work with a person over that period of time, you learn about the qualities of that person. Judge Buckley, without a doubt, is one of the most compassionate, considerate and fair-minded human beings that I have known in my 48 years of being a lawyer. These are the qualities that every judge should possess — some do, others do not.

Her experience as a mom, wife, community activist, trial lawyer, mediator, chief deputy district attorney and general practitioner have given her the necessary knowledge and skill to be an outstanding judge. Those that come before the courts of Lincoln County are fortunate to have her as a circuit court judge.

Vote for the peoples’ judge, and retain Circuit Court Judge Marcia Buckley.

Stephen A. Lovejoy