Man dies after setting himself on fire

LINCOLN CITY — A man in Lincoln City committed suicide in a private home last week via self-immolation, or the act of setting oneself on fire. 

While the act of self-immolation is often done out of frustration over political or religious reasons, Lincoln City police couldn’t say why this man resorted to such means or what the circumstances were surrounding his death.

“That I don’t know,” said Lincoln City Police Sergeant Jeffrey Winn. “We didn’t put out a media release on that.”

While the Lincoln City Police Department doesn’t usually provide information to the public on suicides for the sake of surviving family, Winn said there are resources out there to help those who may be struggling with mental health issues that could result in violent acts. 

“There’s lots of resources out there for people who are feeling depressed,” Winn said. “If we can get them through that and get them assistance, that’s what we’re there for.”


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