Man cited for illegal taking of elk

An Oregon State Police fish and wildlife trooper responded in early September to a report from a Toledo property owner that a man had illegally killed an elk on his property.

The trooper documented evidence at the scene where the elk had been shot and gutted. Dirt bike tire ruts and a drag mark where the elk had been pulled were also present.

One elk hindquarter was retrieved by the property owner prior to the trooper’s arrival. The remaining elk carcass had been entirely removed. A broken portion of a crossbow bolt, a hunting knife, knife sharpener, flashlight, butane torch, two tie-down straps and a hunting pack were also located at the scene and recovered as evidence.

A suspect was identified and interviewed at a later date. That suspect, identified as Brent Kelly Manning, 30, of Toledo, reportedly admitted to shooting a spike elk on private property the morning of Sept. 3. He killed the elk before daylight using a crossbow.

Manning was cited and released for unlawful take/possession of a spike elk, hunting on another’s cultivated or enclosed land, hunting prohibited method: hunting with unauthorized weapon — crossbow, no resident hunting license, no big game tag and hunting prohibited hours. 

The crossbow used in the incident was seized as evidence.


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