"Mac" Charles Beecher McConnell

May 31, 1947 – August 25, 2017

Mac McConnell passed away, at the age of 70, on August 25th from a motor vehicle accident on Highway 20.
He is survived by wife of 45 years, Cindy McConnell; son, Thomas and family (Karin, Katlyn, Jacob, and Carson); daughter Rachel and family (Charles, Michaela, Rebecca, and Spencer); son Shiloh and family (Monica, Melia, Ellie, Cameron, and Cahli); son, Shane and family (Jessica, Hamish and Tessa); sisters: Anna, Kim, and Georgia and their families.
He was born in Ogden, UT on May 31, 1947 to Charles and Roberta. He was raised in Sacramento, CA and went to college in NY, UT, and OR where he received several degrees in English, Literature, and Biology. From there he went on to teach at an international school in Iran. Upon returning stateside he continued teaching in Oregon.
Mac was an owner and founder of businesses for almost 40 years culminating into the establishment of American Home and Stone in Philomath. His business reached from the Coast to the Cascades. Other entrepreneurial ventures included a feed store, chainsaw/lawn mower repair, furniture manufacture, lumber yard, builder and contractor, home center store, hot tub and spa sales, environmental investigator (toxic mold assessment and indoor air quality specialist), ranching, and property management. He was also the previous Commodore of the Newport Yacht Club and the President of the Western Belted Galloway Association. Mac always volunteered; willing to lend his heart and a helping hand all the time. He was an avid traveler, entrepreneur, rancher, aviator, diver, sailor, reader, writer, and the most dedicated father and grandfather.
Mac was so well traveled to the point of his family not knowing everywhere he had been or even where he was. Some of his destinations included: Ireland, Mexico, Belize, several European countries, the Middle East, and most of the states.
Mac was enormous not only in stature but in his presence and his love for family and friends. His deep laugh, big strong hands, kind voice, and contagious smile were always the foundation for the strong family bond that we all share. He was a kind father and great role model, spending the last year of his life building houses for his grandkids. He was known as the grandpa taxi because between the swim meets, the taekwondo practice, recitals, and various other activities he was always their #1 Fan! He gave and gave without ever expecting anything in return. He was always available to give his time and invaluable knowledge and wisdom to anyone who was willing to receive it. A great storyteller would be an understatement. He could take you all over the world without even taking you out of town. His snuggles and his bear hugs warmed you to the core, and his eggs benedict never left you unfulfilled. He was a lover of great food and Celtic music and was a connoisseur of many ales!
In lieu of flowers or donations give a hug to your family, send good thoughts to a friend, or help somebody in need.
A celebration of life will be held at the McConnell residence: 1348 Nashville Road on Saturday September 2 at 6:00pm. Please bring your favorite dish to share and camping gear if you would like to stay for the night.

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