Local hypnotherapist uses surprising therapy to help clients

Hypnotherapy helps with range of maladies and conditions

NEWPORT –– Liv Scrivanich, a hypnotherapist in Newport, sits in the second-floor living room where she conducts hypnosis sessions with clients, and explains the benefits of this form of therapy.

“What happens through hypnotherapy is you get in a relaxed state,” Scrivanich said. “What happens when you get into the relaxed state is you’re able to build rapport with the unconscious part of your mind, and it gets the unconscious mind and the conscious to agree on whatever you want to change in your mind.”

The unconscious mind, Scrivanich said, has a blueprint of us in perfect health, and when something stops functioning correctly, hypnosis can access that blueprint and correct course.

“It retrains and realigns the part that is having the pain or malfunctioning, and that’s what happens with hypnosis,” she said. “That’s why it’s so powerful.”

The hypnotherapist of 20 years and founder of Newport Oregon Hypnotherapy started using the technique herself when she tried to quit smoking and lose weight. A few of her friends, struggling with some of the same problems themselves, went to see a hypnotherapist in an effort to curb their appetites for tobacco and food.

“I was like, ‘I’m not going there,’” she said. “I didn’t trust it. My education had been Hollywood––when you see the stage hypnosis shows, it’s not clinical hypnotherapy. That’s for entertainment.”

The results she saw in her friends, however, changed her mind.

“They quit smoking after one session,” she said. “They’re still non-smokers to this day.”

Her own experience using hypnotherapy to quit smoking mirrored that of her friends.

“I was able to quit smoking and I haven’t touched a cigarette since,” she said. “The other thing was I didn’t even want one. That’s what was really powerful to me.”

According to the Mayo Clinic, specialists acknowledge the method can promote physical and mental wellness. The medical facility headquartered in Rochester, Minn. is one of several major medical institutions to get behind, or at least consider, using hypnosis as a legitimate technique for anything from pain relief to mental illness treatment to increased mobility.

According to the clinic’s website, some Mayo Clinic doctors recommend hypnotherapy for patients struggling with a variety of maladies. Based on research conducted by the Mayo Clinic and other institutions, hypnotherapy can actually complement treatments offered by conventional medicine.

For the 100 patients Scrivanich helped over the past 20 years, six to eight sessions of hypnosis gets to the underlying problems that manifest themselves in conditions like irritable bowel syndrome or anxiety, both conditions Scrivanich has helped to treat in the two decades she’s practiced.

“Hypnosis uses that part of the mind for change,” Scrivanich said. “It’s really incredible how we’re made.”


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