Local businesses donate winter wear to Grace Wins Haven

Grace Wins Haven received a donation of gloves and hats from JC Market in Toledo last week, but the market wasn’t the only local business to donate those exact hats and gloves. American Grounding Systems from Toledo and Espresso 101 in Waldport also donated shipments of those hats and gloves, putting the number of pairs of gloves and hats at 108 last week. 

When management at JC Market in Toledo ordered gloves and hats to donate to the Grace Wins Haven day shelter this year, Ronni and Tedd Larsen in Waldport decided to give much-needed winter gear to the organization, as well.

“We said we’d be glad to donate,” Ronni told the News-Times Monday. “It’s a great thing to do.”

The couple, who own both American Grounding Systems and Espresso 101, donated 34 pieces — pairs of gloves and hats — from each business, joining JC Market in Toledo in donating 34 pieces.

“It’s important to give out of our abundance and help our fellow man,” Ronni said.

Grace Wins Haven is still accepting donations through the holiday season. For more information, visit www.gracewinshaven.com.


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