Local artist livens up Lincoln City lot

Bryan Nichols, the artist behind the 150-foot mural at the site of the future Pines Dine food truck pod, is close to finishing the above piece. The mural is his biggest work to date and his first large-scale outdoor mural. (Photo courtesy of Kelly Lagula)

Over the past few weeks, Lincoln City artist, musician and entrepreneur Bryan Nichols has been tackling his biggest mural yet: filling a 150-foot concrete canvas.

This is far from Nichols’s first artistic impression on the town. He has art displayed in stores around Lincoln City — such as the Nauti Mermaid Beach House and Renee’s Herb Store — and has had an art show at the Black Squid for the past four years.

Though he’s usually found at one of his two businesses in Lincoln City — ZuhG Life Surf Shop and ZuhG Life Skate Shop — both are closed due to the pandemic. During this closure, both are fully stocked for online sales, but Nichols is also using this time to pursue artistic endeavors. He is currently working on an indoor mural for the Soul Community Planet Hotel in Depoe Bay and has just finished work on this 150-foot long piece.

This is his first large-scale outdoor mural, and he said he is “excited to bring some color and positivity to the community during such a dark time.”

As of press time, the mural is almost complete. Nichols is on the last step — adding black lines to solidify the design — which has been delayed by the wet weather.

The mural is located on the lot of a food truck pod, which is currently in development: the Pines Dine. The owners, who commissioned the work, are Lincoln City locals Ross and Rachelle Rehberg.

The pod property is located at 5040 SE Highway 101 — across from Burger 101 in Taft.

To learn more about the Pines Dine, visit www.facebook.com/thepinesdine.