Lincoln County spring sports on hold

All Lincoln County schools and sports teams are postponed until April 8. The Newport High School announcement board displays the message that all sports will return, however, things could change as time goes on. (Photo by Nugesse Ghebrendrias)

LINCOLN COUNTY — It wouldn't be Friday the 13th without some sort of drama, and this time around, news broke of Lincoln County freezing all spring games and practices.

Friday’s news went into effect immediately, forcing Toledo, Newport, Taft, Waldport, Siletz Valley and Eddyville to rethink their plans for the spring sports season.

“I was definitely pretty bummed about the season being delayed. We got a lot of guys that have been working so hard this off-season, and were very eager to finally get out on that diamond, and it’s just tough to see the season get pushed back further then we would like,” Toledo’s Jaxon Rozewski said.

Students athletes from track and field teams, as well as softball, baseball and golf, are the most impacted by the news as there is some uncertainty over the coronavirus (COVID-19) spreading throughout the globe.

Lincoln County follows the footsteps of seemingly most districts in the country and professional sports, as a complete shutdown is necessary to help assess the pandemic, but also to keep the students and staff safe, which is the most important.

Many athletes, like Rozewski, will have to put their bat and ball seasons on hold. And for a top 2A pitcher on the diamond, there are mixed feelings of being able to not start the season, but Rozewski will use this time to his advantage.

The Boomer is fresh off a state championship run on the basketball team.

“I do agree that this postponement does give the basketball players more time to recover, because basketball is very hard on your body. But I think I can speak for all the guys that we are ready to go, and are all in on making this a successful baseball season right from the start,” Rozewski said.

Like many athletes using this time to recover and prepare for the eventual return, Rozewski is working on basketball recovery, baseball readiness and his football career. The quarterback will use this time out of school and baseball to focus on his career. The junior only has a year and a half left at Toledo.

“I have been just taking advantage of this free time, which is very rare playing three sports. So I have just been hanging out with my friends, and I have a lot of college football camps and visits I will be attending soon,” he said. “I have been going up to the field a couple times every week to throw the ball and doing whatever I can to prepare for next season.”

As of now, the spring season will get back on track April 8, but those terms will be determined based on public health.

For more information on COVID-19, visit for all relevant information in Lincoln County.


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