Lincoln County needs Judge Marcia Buckley

Gov. Brown wisely appointed Marcia Buckley to replace Paulette Sanders. Since assuming office, Judge Buckley has been eliminating the shameful backlog in civil cases that the judges who oppose her candidacy allowed to accumulate. People needing relief in cases filed years ago have finally found justice through Judge Buckley. She works long hours, never missing a day despite COVID limitations.

The governor chose Judge Buckley from several candidates after careful consideration and advice from a diverse committee, not just a handful of courthouse insiders. The governor rightly found her “well suited to administer equal justice.”

Judge Buckley’s opponent was chosen by another judge for the referee/pro tem position, not to fill a vacancy. Her campaign is divisive; her supporters’ false personal attacks on Judge Buckley demean the office. In contrast to Judge Buckley’s nearly 30 years in practice, her opponent joined the bar seven years ago. She has limited experience in our community and in bar association service. Her background is as a prosecutor, and she has never run an office. She may be performing well, but the knowledge gained from diverse experiences and the wisdom achieved through decades laboring on different sides offers balance to a jurist facing diverse issues. Judge Buckley has that knowledge and that wisdom.

Judge Buckley is conscientious, fair and compassionate, exhibiting the highest standards of ethics and professionalism. She worked both as a civil practitioner and as a prosecutor. She understands the need to balance safety with safeguards; due process with due diligence; community concerns with common sense. She has served our county in decades practicing law, and has devoted countless energies to community service: president of Rotary, president of the Lincoln County Bar and member of the Lincoln County Foundation, among others. She has received awards and served on numerous Bar committees. Her opponent can seek office again next year when Judge Branford retires.

The voters should value Judge Marcia Buckley’s strong community ties and decades of professional service and retain her now as circuit court judge.

Susan Elizabeth Reese