Lincoln alerts the Spanish-speaking community

LINCOLN COUNTY — There’s a new way for Lincoln County’s emergency management division to communicate with some of the county’s non-English speaking community.

Lincoln Alerts allows users to select the alerts they would like to receive by texting in keywords, like LINCOLNCITY for alerts specific to Lincoln City, or LINC4ROADS to receive roadway alerts from the county’s Public Works division.

This month, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s office has introduced a new keyword: LINC4ESPANOL.

The new keyword subscribes the user for alerts that are specific to the Spanish speaking community, but the messages aren’t sent in Spanish.

“The message goes out in English,” said Jenny Demaris, emergency manager for the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. “But mobile phones can be set to a specific language so when they receive the message or go to a website it is translated for them based on their phone settings.”

The idea behind the entire system is that each keyword provides targeted information to individuals who want it. For example, those who regularly use public transit may sign up for transit alerts.

Similarly, those who want alerts that would be of interest to the Spanish speaking community now have this keyword. Demaris explained that such alerts could include outreach events, presentations that are being given in Spanish rather than English and information about other community functions.

“Our emergency management division has been looking for ways over the past several years to find a user-friendly and quickly accessible pathway to communicate important information to our non-English speaking community members,” said Demaris.

To sign up for Lincoln Alerts, visit for a complete list of keywords and instructions.


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