Let’s work in unison for our mutual survival

I would like to clear up any misunderstanding about my expressed desire to work with Toledo and its Timber Unity members toward realizing some of the suggestions in their four-point plan. 

Even though the points would, in part, address some of the issues facing us today in regard to climate change, they don’t go nearly far enough to adequately deal with the carbon and other greenhouse gases that have accumulated and continue to pollute our atmosphere. These gases threaten the stability of our climate, causing among other things a rash of wildfires, droughts, flooding, ocean acidification and the loss of countless animal and plant species.

We must do everything we can to curtail the warming trend plaguing Earth, caused primarily by the burning of fossil fuels. The four-point plan is a good starting point, but we need to move much further to seriously reduce greenhouse emissions, as well as in the sequestration of existing carbon.

We at 350 Oregon Central Coast and Citizens for a Better Lincoln County are committed to this endeavor by working with all public and private interested entities. It is our hope that the Oregon Legislature will soon be successful in the creation of a fair, adequate and timely bill that puts a cap on harmful carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions.

We are already behind on earlier stated goals. Time is running out if we are to avoid worst-case climate change scenarios and maintain a livable planet.

Please, people, let’s get together. Forget our differences and work in unison to address what we all have in common — each other and our mutual survival.

Bill Kucha

Depoe Bay


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