Law Enforcement Tip of the Week: February 17

VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday)

VINE — Victim Information and Notification Everyday — is the nation’s leading automated victim notification solution and is available in Oregon. VINE allows crime victims across the country to obtain timely, reliable information about criminal cases and the custody status of offenders.

Victims often wish to know the status of an offender that is in the system. Until VINE, it was difficult for officers to provide accurate information to victims. 

VINE makes information about the booking and release of inmates housed in county jails and state prisons available to victims at no cost, either by telephone or on the web. Offender information is collected automatically in near real-time from jail and prison booking systems.

Crime victims can access offender information, any time of the day or night, simply by making a telephone call at 1-877-OR-4-VINE (1-877-674-8463) or by accessing the web at Victims can call to inquire whether an offender is held in jail, as well as the facility’s location. 

Users also can register to be notified immediately of a change in the inmate’s status, such as a release or escape. When a notification is triggered, VINE automatically calls the number or numbers the victim has provided. Calls continue until the victim acknowledges the call by entering a PIN.

VINE supports multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Mandarin Chinese and others, so victims from many ethnicities have access to the system.

A free smartphone app is available to iPhone and Android users called “MobilePatrol.” One of the features of this app is access to the VINE service so you can be notified on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available from the Android “Play Store” and Apple “App Store.”  Once the app is downloaded, select Oregon as your state and then select Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office. The VINE feature and other features will appear as you scan through the pages of the app.

For more information and tips, visit our website at and on your Smartphone via the “MobilePatrol” app, and “Like” us on Facebook at Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office — Oregon.