Lanee Danforth is best choice for DA

As a lifelong resident of Lincoln County, I believe there is only one
candidate who is qualified to represent our county — she is Deputy
District Attorney Lanee Danforth.

Even though he calls himself the incumbent district attorney,
Jonathan Cable is no democratically elected official. He is a political
appointee, courtesy of Gov. Kate Brown. Cable doesn’t hold his loyalty
to the citizens of Lincoln County, he holds his loyalty to the Portland
machine. When was the last time Gov. Brown was in Lincoln County, and
more importantly, how would she know the needs of our citizens and the
distinct and complex community we have here? The short answer is she
doesn’t, and she won’t.

Cable’s personal position is clearly stated in the voters pamphlet, on
his website, and in the full-page ad he paid for in this newspaper: “Justice
is too important to learn on the job.” Apparently, Cable believes that
no person can qualify for this position other than himself because they
aren’t currently the DA. If you don’t learn on the job, then where else
would you learn?

DA Cable has been on the job less than three-and-a-half 
months, with a reduced caseload in the last six weeks because of the
COVID-19 lockdown. He’s an incumbent without a track record, yet he’s
saying he can’t learn on the job.

The people of Lincoln County need a DA that is willing to learn from
others. Political appointee Cable has boasted that he doesn’t need
to, as proven by his quote above. Scorning the significance of
Danforth’s record as a superb trial attorney, Cable has offered us only
condescending, empty adjectives about himself. This is why he isn’t the
right choice for a county as unique as ours. Loyalty belongs here, not
to the clubhouse.

Colton Blaser



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