Kurt Schrader has worked hard for coast

I am writing this recommendation as a private citizen. I am currently a commissioner for the Port of Newport, but my views in this letter do not reflect the views of the Port of Newport or my fellow commissioners.

I have had the opportunity to work with Rep. Kurt Schrader for over 10 years, and his dedication, persistence and hard work have resulted in great benefits and support to our community. In 2014, there were discussions to close the U.S. Coast Guard Air Facility, and he worked hard with our federal delegation to ensure the continued operation of our local air station. This helicopter facility ensures the safety of not only our local fishermen, but also the thousands of visitors to our coast.

Yaquina Bay is home to NOAA MOC, OSU Marine Ops, the West Coast’s largest commercial fishing fleet and the busiest sportfishing harbor in the state. All of these vessels must cross the Yaquina Bar to leave and return safely. These crossings are made safe due to the dredging performed to the navigation channel by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE). Dredging funding is allocated on a yearly basis, and Rep. Schrader has worked hard every year to ensure this funding is in the USACE budget. He has also worked hard to get Harbor Maintenance Tax funds allocated to small harbors for projects such as dredging, harbor and jetty maintenance and repair.

Earlier this year, Rep. Schrader made a formal appeal to the House Transportation & Infrastructure Water Resources and Environmental Subcommittee to seek funding for replacement of the Big Creek Dam, which is critical for maintaining the water supply for Newport.

I appreciate the time he has taken to reach out to the community and his sensible ways in which he addresses issues.

Walter Chuck



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