Kudos to Senator Roblan

The Oregon Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee held a hearing on climate bill SB 1530 on Saturday, Feb. 8. Climate legislation has been a very divisive issue in the state of Oregon with the Republican Senators walking out of the 2019 session to kill the bill.

I had the opportunity to attend and testify at the Saturday hearing along with several hundred other pro and anti-supporters. Many of us got our “90 seconds of fame” to weigh in on the bill. I thanked our state senator, Arnie Roblan, who sits on this committee for co-sponsoring SB 1530.  SB 1530 represents a compromise bill from the original HB 2020. Kudos to State Senator Roblan for having to courage to meet with his constituents during the break to fashion a compromise bill. I am cautiously optimistic that the bill will be able to pass this session.

Martin Desmond



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