Keep vacation rentals out of residential zones

Preserve our residential coast for true residents who live in our communities.

This means: 1) no new licenses in residential zones; 2) the phase-out of existing licenses, allowing investors to recoup losses; 3) non-transferability of a license upon resale; and 4) a city or county-wide cap, all effective immediately upon passage. If necessary, a moratorium in the interim.

I wonder whether officials have so much information that they don’t see the forest among the trees. Because I have to deal with nice, but clueless renters every weekend in the winter and all week in the summer, I have a grassroots feel for the issue.

I don’t like being asked for directions, restaurant recommendations or to use my phone when they can’t get reception. I don’t like renters taking a shortcut across my yard, asking for an egg or to jump-start a car. Being a neighborly sort of person, it’s hard to say no. But it grates.

Calling the “local contact” about excessive noise after 10 p.m. or when maximum occupancies are exceeded is not helpful. They do not respond in a timely fashion. They cannot; they do not live on the premises as with a home share, a B&B or a motel.

I don’t like the responsibility of cautioning kids playing on the basalt rocks in my Miroco neighborhood. They do not know about sneaker waves or cold water. They do not know that when you are swept from these rocks it means death, not injury.

In other words, I don’t like nonresident corporate profiteers making money by delegating motel clerk responsibilities to unpaid and unwilling residents like me. What a business model! 

To the City of Newport and Lincoln County: Show community volunteers true appreciation. Honor us by preserving our residential neighborhoods and coastal quality of life.

R.L. Hochtritt

Unincorporated Lincoln County


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