Just say no to Toledo mill

Lincoln County stands up against pollution, finding better solutions for pollution prevention. How is OSU helping with technology for the Georgia-Pacific Toledo mill to pollute less? Yes, we need family wage jobs at the mill, but taxpayers of Lincoln County should not be subsidizing the rich Koch brothers. They should be subsidizing Lincoln County and the surrounding communities. Many mill employees travel long distances to work at all different hours. Oregon is timber country, and Lincoln County needs mill jobs, but the mill owner should be a better steward of the estuary and communities. Yes, we want and need family wage jobs, but at what cost?

The Toledo mill receives big pollution tax breaks from the state of Oregon. There needs to be justice for fair taxation for all taxpayers in Lincoln County and Oregon. The mill could be a great collaborator with the communities, but instead, they have always taken a different path. Lincoln County is a low-income, rural county. The Koch brothers should be finding ways to help Lincoln County with an abundance of social justice challenges. Lincoln County, our cities, residents, visitors and Mother Nature should not suffer the financial and ecological consequences of the Toledo mill. There should be no tax breaks.

We need those funds to help the homeless, mental and health services, affordable child care, housing and family wage jobs. There can be lots of opportunities to help Lincoln County and taxpayers by denying the mill any tax breaks for doing their own maintenance. That should be just part of their operational expenses. Lincoln County needs every penny to try to meet mandates and responsibility to the taxpayers.  Please, just say no, not on the backs of county taxpayers.

Cyndi Karp



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