Judge Marcia Buckley has the right experience

I have been friends with Marcia Buckley since we attended law school together many decades ago. Judge Buckley is a hard worker who has the right experience and temperament to continue to serve the citizens of Lincoln County as a circuit court judge.

Upon taking office as the Lincoln County District Attorney in 2009, I hired Marcia Buckley as my chief deputy.  During that time, Marcia assigned cases, supervised eight deputy district attorneys and chaired our Elder Abuse, Disability Abuse and Sexual Assault Response Teams. She was also a key member of our Major Crime Team and our Crash Team. 

Together, Marcia and I did our part to help modernize the justice system in Lincoln County, introducing problem-solving programs to help reduce crime and heal members of our community from the ravages of addiction and mental illness that often feeds into crime. Indeed, Marcia was a prime driver of what became the Lincoln County Mental Health Court Program. She is a visionary and a problem solver.

Almost a year ago, I was interviewed by a detective who was performing a background check on Marcia Buckley for the governor’s office as part of the interview process for the circuit court vacancy, to which Marcia was later appointed. I told the investigator Marcia Buckley would make a fantastic judge. It doesn't surprise me at all that she has risen to that challenge. Lincoln County is lucky to have her.

With her extensive experience in both criminal and civil law, and her temperament and vision as a judge, I am proud to join my fellow former Lincoln County District Attorney Dan Glode in recommending that Lincoln County voters retain Judge Marcia Buckley.

Rob Bovett, former Lincoln County District Attorney