Jonathan Cable is worst choice for DA

I got my voter packet in the mail, and let me tell you my impression of each candidate for DA, from what each had to say to the voting public.

Jonathan Cable said, "I was honored to be appointed by Gov. Kate Brown as district attorney of Lincoln County" and "My opponent, Lanee Danforth, did not apply. She has licenses to practice law in Oregon from June 2016, and Nevada from May 2018." 

Not sure how being appointed by a governor should be viewed as a qualification, or just name dropping, and I assume his mud-slinging at Lanee Danforth was intended to make her look unqualified and inexperienced. I'm already unimpressed with this guy. 

Also, he seems self-serving in his motives to want this position he's running for. I say this because my church is heavily involved in jail ministry. We see what people in this county are getting charged with — minor crimes that this man's office has taken from the molehills they were and overcharged them into mountains. Not a good steward of the taxpayers’ money, if you ask me.

Lanee Danforth, on the other hand, in no way slams her opponent in the voter pamphlet. She says that she's regarded as a "great trial attorney," possesses leadership skills, has worked as a victim's advocate — things that would lead me to believe she has a connection with the pulse of the community. She further states, "I realize that some people don't need incarceration." That statement was made from integrity. 

Jonathan Cable is not a good fit for this job. Lanee Danforth is. So I say, vote for Danforth, and let's get rid of the Cable guy.

Brenda Chase