Join me in voting for Melissa Cribbins

I am writing in support of Melissa Cribbins for Oregon Senate District 5. Arnie Roblan has represented the Oregon coast well for years, currently in SD5 and previously as state representative. His retirement leaves this office with big shoes to fill.

I believe that electing Coos County Commissioner Cribbins to SD5 will be a win for Oregon coast residents. Like many of us, she is a coastal local. She understands our unique situation as a wonderfully low-key place to live that still provides resources and opportunities, both tapped and untapped, for us to thrive.

Because she has the legislative and executive experience in addressing issues of concern to coastal residents, Ms. Cribbins will make an excellent addition to the Legislative Coastal Caucus, representing the bulk of the Oregon coast’s population in Salem. She has the demonstrable integrity and ingenuity needed to work with fellow legislators to actually craft good legislation based on sound information.

Important to me is Commissioner Cribbins’ support of organized labor and her commitment to Career & Technical Education (CTE) in our schools. Labor unions are not a special interest — they are the collective voice of regular working people across the state. Melissa Cribbins has been endorsed by a wide variety of labor organizations throughout Oregon, including IBEW Local 932 right here on the coast, of which I am a proud member. I also serve as an electrical apprenticeship classroom instructor, and I cannot speak loudly enough on the importance of teaching our students the value of technical education and exposure to skilled trades.

Please join me in voting for Melissa Cribbins for Oregon Senate District 5.

Eric Sherman

Depoe Bay