Join me in voting for Amanda Benjamin

I worked with Judge Benjamin for approximately two years while she was at the Lincoln County District Attorney’s Office, and I was always impressed with her calm demeanor and her ability to evaluate and try complex cases with great competency.

These skills have served her well in her transition to the bench. I appear in her courtroom regularly, and I will echo what has been said by the judges, attorneys and court staff who know her work. She is tough when needed and compassionate when appropriate. Her compassion is especially evident when she presides over cases involving children. She is respectful to all who appear in her courtroom and she gets her legal rulings right.

Judge Benjamin has already been doing the job of a judge, and she has been doing it very well. There is no doubt in my mind that Amanda Benjamin is the best candidate for the position. Please join me in voting for her for Lincoln County Circuit Court Judge.

Lynn Howard