It’s time for all of us to stand up

The tragic events of cruelty, indiscriminate lies and hatred on the part of the current administration in the White House have moved so many of us to tears on a daily basis that I and countless others have been overwhelmed with grief and sorrow. It is high time we all pull together as one society, united to put an end to this full blown tyrannical violent madness. When children are separated from parents and locked in a cage, that’s where my compassionate heart draws the line to become far beyond extremely angry and shouts “no more.”

This is how I, along with all my friends and relations, choose to fight against tyranny and oppression; in the spirit of our heroes Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and living legends Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, etc., our most effective weapons against tyranny and oppression are your vote, pencil, paper, musical instruments and all of our voices singing together loud and clear. It’s time to stand up and fight back against those who choose tyranny and oppression.

Over the course of the past two years, a poem began to emerge from my embattled, weary mind. It evolved over time into a song called, “Stand Up for the Innocent Refugees.” We've performed it a few times with our ensemble Pipedance. Some of you will recognize the song if you have attended any of our recent shows.

We have now recorded the song. Our dear friend Ben Williams, director of the Butteville Store Oregon State Park, assembled a video picture collage to accompany the song, which unfolded to be quite beautiful and extremely powerful in it’s raw truth. We want to share this with all of you. With grateful hearts, we encourage you to help us share it far and wide for everyone to be inspired to move into a new future where hate, discrimination and lies are cast away to be left behind in the dust. Here is the You-Tube link;

Please join us in heartfelt compassion to stand up, to sing out loud, to fight, to be strong, to never give up in the fight against tyranny and oppression.

Gary Burman

Lincoln City


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