It's back-to-school time

That traditional end-of-summer celebration — Labor Day weekend — has come and gone, and what follows is the day that some young people dread and a number of parents look forward to with great anticipation: the first day of school.

The back-to-school shopping is pretty much done, and backpacks have been stuffed with all of the required items. The coming of a new school year is a time of excitement and a new beginning, whether it's a student just entering this new world of education or a returning student anticipating a fresh start.

Classes for some students in the Lincoln County School District began on Tuesday, Sept. 3, and all students in first through 12th grade are back in the various school buildings around the district as of today (Wednesday).

Although it’s our young people who are the ones sitting in the classrooms, it really falls on all of us to do what we can to ensure their success. From kindergarten through high school, parents and educators must work together to make sure students stay on course to graduation. And even those who no longer have children in the local schools can get involved. There are many programs — from reading buddies in the elementary schools to mentors in the high schools — where adults can make a huge impact on the life of a student. Sometimes this investment in a child’s life is all it takes to help them not only succeed in school, but in life, as well.

Also, now that school is back in session, we want to once again remind motorists to pay close attention while driving through school areas and the surrounding residential areas, especially during those times just before and after school. Expect the unexpected, and keep a close watch out for those children who may not be watching out for you. And although it should go without saying, pay attention to school buses while they are picking up and dropping off students — those flashing lights on the bus are there for a reason. Illegally passing stopped school buses is potentially devastating for children and drivers alike.

We wish the very best for all of the students this coming school year. Let's do our best to make it a safe and successful one for them all.


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