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J.B. and Rebecca Haslett are the owners of Left Coast Coffee Co., which opened in mid-March at 26 N Highway 101 in Depoe Bay. In addition to selling coffee drinks and other beverages at the shop, they offer a line of coffees and coffee-related equipment through their online business at (Photo by Steve Card)

Left Coast Coffee Co. opens in Depoe Bay

J.B. and Rebecca Haslett owned and operated Pacific Grind Café in Lincoln City for more than 10 years, a business they sold about a year and a half ago. They really didn’t have plans to open another coffee shop, but fate brought them back in that direction, and they opened Left Coast Coffee Co. in Depoe Bay in mid March.

“We were not planning to open a coffee shop anytime soon, having just sold one,” said J.B.

He and Rebecca had grown Pacific Grind “from just a cool little coffee house to a community hub, 60 seat, turned it into a restaurant, and made it a lot more food than we truly ever set out to do,” he said. “It’s just what was needed and did good business.” During that time, they developed their own line of coffee, as well as a line of sauces that they plan to bring to market. And after selling Pacific Grind, “the last year and a half have been focusing on our wholesale company and our website for direct to consumer and the coffee side,” said Haslett.

“We just were trying to move to a pure wholesale model,” he added, “servicing and consulting and providing beans and developing the sauces. We were about to open just a sales office and equipment showroom because we sell wholesale and retail equipment, as well.”

But this past Christmas Eve, while headed to Newport for some last minute Christmas shopping, Haslett noticed an empty retail space in Depoe Bay that had previously been a coffee shop. “It just aligned with what we were doing, and although we had definitely not had any intention of going back into a shop … this just checked all the boxes. It was just the right thing, right time, right place,” he said. And another interesting twist, “We came here 12 years ago to Depoe Bay the first time. We had come to this shop.”

Located at 26 N Highway 101, the plan at Left Coast Coffee Co. is to keep things simple. They currently carry six different varieties of coffee. These are Beach Blond Blend, a light roast; Left Coast Blend, a medium roast; Buck Badley’s Fairweather Blend, a medium dark roast; Nelscott Dark Blend, an Italian dark roast; Decaf French Roast Blend, a dark French roast; and Peru, La Familia Guzman, a medium roast.

“We have five regulars, one decaf,” said Haslett, “and in that, we have a real straight forward, comprehensive line that’s four blends, from light to dark, not being the lightest you can find or the darkest you can find, but four that we feel are right in the middle but distinguishable from each other. And then we offer a single-origin Peruvian right now that’s a medium, and a decaf.”

The intention with this line of coffees, Haslett said, “is to have this real approachable, understandable, specialty grade coffee without complication. This is light, this is dark, there’s a couple different beans in there and then this is one standout. We don’t try to overdo the relationship with the donkey or what side of the mountain it was grown on, or if it’s picked on a Tuesday,” he added with a laugh.

The line of coffees offered may change down the road. “We’ll evolve it some. We probably will add more exclusives, more single origins,” Haslett said. “The core line will probably stay at four, maybe a fifth blend, but we will regularly feature single-origin coffees. And we might feature other individual roasters — we’re open to people that find us to be the right place that they want to feature their coffee, maybe local roasters or out-of-area roasters.”

For those who may not be coffee drinkers, there will be some other options. “We do offer some of the other things like hot chocolates, chai tea and juices,” said Haslett.

They can also add CBD oil to any of their drinks. “It’s the current health food craze. It’s made from the hemp plant, so it’s right next to the cannabis plant, however, it’s not at all cannabis or psycho-active or anything like that,” Haslett said. “CBD oil has a lot of properties, particularly easing pain is a primary. It works through inflammation reduction. We can infuse any drinks with that, and then we’ll have some bottled ones, a line of kombuchas and mineral waters that are CBD laden.”

People don’t have to visit the shop to enjoy Left Coast Coffee Co. “It’s available online, direct to consumer, and also available wholesale to restaurants, hotels, small offices even,” Haslett said. “We’re also doing a local delivery to individuals, on the doorstep, like the milkman. Friday morning it’s just a buck a bag to have it dropped.” They make deliveries from Depoe Bay to Lincoln City, “but if we get the right customer in Newport or in Otis, we’ll figure out how to deliver it. So that’s a once-a-week drop — people can set up a subscription through the website.”

Also available for purchase through the website is a variety of equipment. This includes coffee grinders, filters, coffeemakers, drippers, servers, a gooseneck water kettle and espresso machines. There are even some Left Coast Coffee Co. caps and T-shirts available for purchase.

The shop hours at Left Coast Coffee Co. are from 6:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the weekends. Find them online at and get additional information by calling 541-614-4228.


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