It feels like home

We are blessed in Newport in so many ways, and one of those blessings is our Newport Library. When I walk by the teen space, my eye catches the mural done by a local high school student — the selection of the theme is a democratic process with input from her peers. This safe space for our local teens, encouraging positive endeavors, interactions and behaviors was spearheaded by our past head librarian, Ted Smith. It’s nice to just walk by and see our youth enjoying themselves in such a healthy environment. Thank you, Ted.

Heading downstairs, I am engulfed with the exuberance of childhood. Our children’s area has thousands of books to read, storytime, toys and games, all in an atmosphere for creative minds. Fun is encouraged, and lessons are learned through stories shared and told by our caring staff who, with the parents, oversee the activities.

We’ve got it all covered in our library, including computers, where everyone is welcome to utilize, create and learn. How many times have Jan, Jeff, Stacy, Sheryl, Katie, Gwen, Linda, Chelsey, Vanessa and Annette helped me sort through a computer dilemma to reach my goal — thank you.

And last, and part of the reason I am writing this letter, is Laura Kimberly, our new head librarian. Such enthusiasm, with ideas that focus on our community and our youth. How utterly exciting to have her energy and creativity. I trust our library will unfold with her compassionate passion. Welcome, Laura, to you and your family.

So whatever your reasons to visit our library — see a movie, participate in the book club, come in from the rain to a crackling fire, find a book, have a meeting, use a computer — it always feels like home.

Bonnie Good



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