Injured man at Lincoln City motel arrested for domestic abuse

An officer with the Lincoln City Police Department was dispatched to a motel in the 3500 block of North Highway 101 at 11:37 p.m. on Friday after receiving reports of a domestic dispute taking place in a room there. Shortly after arriving, the officer found a man bleeding from the neck in a back parking lot, and following an investigation, that man was arrested at a hospital for assault in the fourth degree, a felony constituting domestic violence.

According to a probable cause affidavit, the officer first went to check the room and made contact with a distressed juvenile outside, but did not receive a response from the room after knocking. 

The officer was then advised about an active fight in the back of the hotel and went to investigate. The officer found a man on his knees, bleeding from the neck, who was soon taken to the hospital.

The officer proceeded to conduct an investigation and made contact with the man’s wife. The officer noted her face was red and swollen, which she said was from accidentally falling down the stairs. The woman admitted that she and her husband had gotten into a verbal altercation, but said things did not escalate to violence.

While speaking with the couple’s two children, the officer was told the man punched his wife repeatedly in the face while the four were outside together in their vehicle. 

The officer proceeded to Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital and spoke with the man about the fight. The man said his wife was upset that he had been drinking, and the two began a verbal argument in the hotel room that they eventually took outside. He said his wife threatened to take the children and leave, as well as saying something offensive about his mother.

The man said his wife had pushed him away during the argument and he had pushed her back and into the door. The man also said the two children were inside their vehicle at the time, within sight of the argument.

The officer arrested the man, and he was taken to Lincoln City Police Department, where he was booked for assault and harassment charges. The officer reported the children made no complaints of injury at the time.


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