Information left out of article

I am responding to the recent article about the Central Oregon Coast Fire Department’s current personnel problems. Among other things, the article quotes rather extensively from an email by Kathryn Menefee Alves to the fire district board. The article appears to rely on Ms. Alves’ opinions as “fact” and as the entire picture. Two of her issues seem to be a perceived lack of transparency by the board and unethical behavior by the board.

The article mentions a lawsuit by an employee against the Central Oregon Coast Fire & Rescue District. What I find interesting is the lack of transparency by Ms. Alves and the failure of the paper to round out the picture. That lawsuit referred to in the article was filed by Ms. Alves’ husband, Nestor Alves. This is public information easily found via Google.

Wouldn’t that piece of information be pertinent to this entire situation? I am curious why that little “factoid” was left out of this article and the entire picture.

Susan Swander



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