In my opinion, the choice is clear

When determining the best choice for a circuit court judge, I look at integrity, experience and endorsements from one’s peers who have worked closely with the candidates. Based on these criteria, Amanda Benjamin is the right choice in her race against Marcia Buckley for Lincoln County circuit judge.

I have studied the prior backgrounds of both candidates and am troubled by some of the cases handled by Marcia Buckley when she served in the district attorney’s office. As far as I am aware, Amanda has had no complaints filed while serving as judge pro tem, but rather has received high praise from her colleagues and fellow judges.

Marcia Buckley has served as a Lincoln County circuit judge for only eight months after being appointed by Gov. Brown to fill Paulette Sanders’ position. It is my understanding that during that short term, she has handled no criminal cases. Amanda Benjamin, on the other hand, has been acting as a Lincoln County circuit judge pro tem for the past 21 months. During that time, she has handled a variety of cases, including many criminal cases.

Amanda Benjamin has the endorsements of Lincoln County’s last three circuit judges — Thomas Branford, Sheryl Bachart and Paulette Sanders. I think these three judges feel not only that Amanda is the most qualified, but that she will be an outstanding judge for Lincoln County.

It is my experience that governor appointments are more often than not based on politics, rather than merit. The governor does not always have the same insight into potential judges as our local judiciary has.

In my opinion, the choice is clear. I encourage everyone to get the facts and then cast your vote for Amanda Benjamin for the next Lincoln County circuit judge.

Ken Doerfler Jr.



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