I give the commissioners a thumbs down

Sometimes good intentions create bad outcomes, as recently shown with the proposed policy and reversal about minorities wearing or not wearing masks.

When you single out a group for special treatment, oftentimes you put that group under the microscope. This creates resentment from folks who feel unfairly treated. This is why policy should be carefully thought out so you don't put folks in these positions. The emotional reaction for most people that looked at this policy was easily predicted.

So as policy makers, when this happens you can react in two ways. One is you apologize for your lack of forethought, or the other is you blame the citizens that reacted to your myopic policy in what you view as inappropriate. The second reaction, blaming others for an incredible lack of insight, makes you look all knowing and wise. "I was just trying to do the right thing." What you don't factor in are all the quiet citizens that are wondering, "What you were thinking?” By thinking you were protecting a certain group of folks, your outcome was the opposite. 

In the end, this does little to deal with the issue of safely protecting citizens from a virus or from some type of discrimination. So for this recent policy cluster, I give the commissioners a thumbs down. In the future, more thought would be recommended, and don't try to cover all world problems in one policy. The policy of wearing masks is good for all folks. You have done a good job with previous policies on virus issues by keeping them simple.

Gary David



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