How to repair the broken system

I attended one of this year's community forums on immigration. I appreciate the work done to bring the forums to our cities and found the sessions highly interesting.

As you would expect for Oregon, the overall emphasis was one of "we love our immigrants," and at least in the session I attended, no difficult questions of a larger picture were addressed.

I have seen in the media numerous times that the immigrants only want to work hard and improve life for their families. So I suggest to repair the broken system, the proceedings could be improved in this way: at the border, we ask only one question. "Do you want to work hard and provide for your family?" "Yes? Well then, you're in."

Thirteen states have already seen the wisdom of giving a driver’s license to energetic people who waived bothersome documentation and came here to provide for their families. These people are part of our communities now. I suggest we go even farther to make our communities welcoming: extend voting rights to the undocumented citizens. In fact, I would even extend absentee voting rights to the undocumented. With their votes, we could get right to work on revisions to our national immigration law.

I see the New York Times, in its July 4 editorial decries, the "continued problem of entrenched [racial] minority rule" in the country you are living in, the U.S.A.

You, the reader, may not have been aware of the seriousness of this problem, entrenched racial "minority rule" in your own country. If you now have finally come to recognize the true nature of the problem, are unhappy with American culture, now is the time to step forward and do your part to fundamentally transform the country.

Hubert Miller 



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