How to help enforce VRD laws in Newport

The City of Newport recently passed new laws for vacation rental dwellings (VRDs) within city limits. The Newport City Council made enforcement of these new laws a high priority to address the safety and health problems that VRDs can cause to residents of these Newport neighborhoods.

The Newport Police Department (NPD), headed by Chief Jason Malloy, is now in charge of enforcing these new laws and investigating violations. Officer Jovita Ballentine, community service officer, is tasked with most of this important work.

Enforcement actions begin when residents contact NPD to report violations. Violations of the new VRD laws include operating without a city VRD business license, advertising occupancy above approved limits, insufficient off-street parking, overflowing garbage containers, loud parties or events, dogs running loose, trespassing by VRD renters, the failure of the owner or manager to respond to reported violations and other behaviors that negatively impact you and your neighborhood. Reports of violations by residents should include direct evidence that a violation is taking place. Direct evidence includes photographs, videos or sound recordings showing the VRD and the violation.

City staff encourages Newport residents to report violations as follows:

  • Call Jovita Ballentine, community services officer: 541-265-4847.
  • If it an urgent matter, like noise, trespassing or loose dogs, call the police non-emergency number: 541-574-5807. (Do not use 911, which is for emergencies only.)
  • Also, contact Chief of Police Jason Malloy and City Manager Spencer Nebel to inform them of the reported violation, for their use in monitoring residents’ VRD concerns. (Jason Malloy, 541-574-3348; [email protected]; Spencer Nebel, 541-574-0601; [email protected]).

The city plans to hire a company by the end of the summer to monitor Newport's VRDs. This company will offer residents another way to report violations.

The group, Advocates for Safe and Healthy VRD-free Neighborhoods in Newport, has formed to create tangible plans for achieving the city's enforcement objectives. If you have questions, suggestions, or would like to get involved, contact [email protected].

Cheryl S. Connell

Advocates for Safe and Healthy VRD-free Neighborhoods in Newport


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