How do we like short-term rentals?

We bought our Miroco (Depoe Bay) property zoned R1A in 1968 as a place to eventually retire to. But back then, it served as a quiet refuge to come to on weekends and vacations to study, relax and garden.

Almost 30 years later, we did retire here and built our permanent home. Even then, Miroco was still a neighborhood. We maintained our own road and water systems and looked over the environment. There was and still is an unwritten Miroco code to keep all of that safe. Best of all, we had a real neighborhood where people looked after each other and each others properties.

All of that is now rapidly disappearing. What is Miroco like now? We have traffic on our one lane road that makes the once leisurely walk around the neighborhood feel unsafe at times. We have nightlights instead of stars. We have garbage strewn over properties near the existing short-term rentals (STRs). We have rainwater runoff that looks and smells like it has coursed through badly regulated or non-existent septic systems. We have trespassing and children on the loose, going down to very dangerous areas on the rocks with no close supervision. Worst of all, we have no close neighbor to call for help, or for us to help them when they are in need.

How do we like STRs? We think they are great for vacationers, for visiting families and for business. But only when permitted in areas zoned for vacation properties and properly governed, as regulations require.

Marge and Don Farness

Depoe Bay


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