Hillside Place Senior Living seeking volunteers

Hillside Place Senior Living, located at 1400 SE 19th St. in Lincoln City, is looking for volunteers.

“Lincoln City runs on volunteers,” said Debbie Donner, life enrichment coordinator for Hillside Place Senior Living. “There are so many people in our area that want to give of their time and talents, so talk to us to see how we can help each other.

“Currently, we have several seniors who live here that, for various reasons, find it difficult to socialize in larger groups,” added Donner. “We would love for some volunteers to come and spend one-on-one time with a single resident, getting to know one another and engaging in mutual interests.

Hillside Place Senior Living runs background checks on all volunteers and also conducts interviews to help match volunteers with residents that likely share common interests.

“We also need volunteers to come sing, play music, perform skits or bring some form of entertainment for our larger gatherings,” said Donner. “If you come once a week, once a month or once a year, it doesn’t matter. Just come and share your time with some people that will really appreciate you.”

Areas of interest may vary for each volunteer. Agate collecting and polishing, cooking demonstrations, reading books aloud, playing games, arts & crafts, watching movies together, working on model planes, photography and cameras, well-mannered dogs for pet therapy, singing, demonstrations of your hobby are only a few of the ways to volunteer at Hillside Place.

“If you’re passionate about your hobby, we want you to come share it with us,” said Donner. “It could be Lincoln County history, the history of your family tree and ancestors, show and tell, a travel photo presentation about a trip you took to some fascinating place — whatever holds your interest will surely hold the interest of one or more of our residents.”

To learn more about volunteering at Hillside Place Senior Living, call 541-994-8028 and ask for Debbie Donner.

For more information on Hillside Place Senior Living, go to www.enlivant.com.


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