High Schools in Full Swing for Fall

Eddie Townsend was ready and waiting.

As he prepared for students to come to first period on Wednesday, Townsend, leadership teacher and basketball coach at Toledo Jr/Sr High School, looked forward to the beginning of the school day — and a fresh slate.

“Our whole theme this year is make kindness normal,” Townsend said. “The big thing is we’re trying to get the kids to be different than most humans, most humans are only thinking about themselves, and we want to get them outside of that box.”

The beginning of the academic year, which started for most of the district Tuesday, saw most of the high schools starting Wednesday. As the students got settled into the fall semester, most of the teens were ready to start their classes and meet the coming challenges of the year.

“Definitely SATs,” said junior Tana’ya Barnhart, when asked what she was most anxious about this school year.

However, making school positive for other students was a priority for the 16-year-old.

“I just want to make this year one of the best for all the students,” she said.

As of Wednesday, teachers were getting into the subject material in their classes and beginning instruction right away, school officials said.

“They’re getting into what they’re doing in class; this is what the semester’s going to look like and what the rest of the year is going to look like,” said Principal Clint Raever. “So we’ll take off running from here.”

Photo by Shelby Wolfe


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