Help return our quiet neighborhood

Cities have put caps on vacation rentals to protect neighborhoods, but we have been left unprotected in unincorporated Lincoln County. We have been thrown to the wolves.   

What has happened in Bayshore is the equivalent of a 447-bed hotel being put smack in the middle of our neighborhood. Yes, 447 is the number of bedrooms in rental homes here, which puts an additional 1,000 or so people and 500 or so cars on our roads.

We have spent money on speed bumps, speed buttons and redoing our roads to accommodate the hoards. Our roads are narrow, and there is not enough parking. Many of our monthly rentals in Bayshore have become vacation rentals, and we do not know our neighbors any longer.

We desperately need caps, elimination, something. We need relief from the constant coming and going of vacationers.  They are not spending money in restaurants, they bring in boxes of food as most restaurants can not accommodate such large groups. They will still come and stay, they always have. Help us return to our nice quiet neighborhood like the neighborhoods you live in.  

Please contact the county commissioners and sign the 15neighborhoods initiative. You go to their website and print it.  

Reba Lovelady



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