Health district supports Lincoln City Urban Renewal Plan

The North Lincoln Health District is concerned about a group identified as “Be a Lincoln City Hero” that is opposed to the formation of a new urban renewal district in Lincoln City. This group has presented spokespeople who claim increased taxes, loss of services, increased rents — all of which is not true or valid. Another concern regarding this group is their use of the health district’s name without permission or consulting us.

The health district has requested the removal of all references to the health district in “Be a Lincoln City Hero” campaign material, web pages and social media postings.

Opponents of the Lincoln City Urban Renewal Plan claim taxing districts will be affected by tax revenue loss that will diminish current services, such as health care, claiming, “cuts to doctors, nurses and front-line staff.” From a North Lincoln Health District standpoint, this is not a valid argument, as the health district does not employ any health care staff. All staff of the North Lincoln Hospital and supported services are affiliated with Samaritan Health Services and their associated firms.

Of major concern to the district is the practice of the urban renewal opponents assuming each taxing district does not support Lincoln City’s efforts. The North Lincoln Health District does support the urban renewal effort, as it provides a greater benefit to the community than neglecting to develop our infrastructure for the future.

There are no new taxes created or collected by forming a new urban renewal district. Urban renewal districts are funded through the collection of a portion of the taxes the citizens already pay to the overlapping tax districts, such as hospitals, the city, the county, school district and fire district. No new taxes are imposed by the urban renewal district. None of the special taxing districts will have a decrease in their current property tax revenue.

This makes you wonder about the accuracy of the information delivered by this group.

Terry Buggenhagen, Board Chairman

North Lincoln Health District


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