‘Grill Gomberg’ event set in Lincoln City

David Gomberg will be at the Small Business Development Center at Oregon Coast Community College in Lincoln City on July 25. The forum, dubbed “Grill Gomberg,” will give central coast constituents a chance to talk to the legislator about the 2019 legislative session and topics of importance on the Oregon coast. (File photo)

LINCOLN CITY — The Small Business Development Center at Oregon Coast Community College’s north campus in Lincoln City is preparing for “Grill Gomberg” on Thursday, July 25, which will offer a chance to residents of the greater Lincoln County area to ask Rep. David Gomberg (D-10th District) questions about the most recent legislative session and important topics on this stretch of the coast.

Among the many subjects expected to be broached at “Grill Gomberg,” housing, education, veterans benefits and family leave are expected to be some of the most important. 

“I think we’re going to talk about the last legislative session in general,” Gomberg told the News-Times. “But because this is at the small business development center, there will also be questions with a particular emphasis on business and small business.”

The new family leave measure to come out of the last legislative session is expected to come up for discussion at the forum, and how that affects employees and whether business should opt in or not, Gomberg said. “I think we’ll also talk about housing in the context of how we find employees and whether people who want to work on the coast can find a place to live on the coast,” he added. 

The forum is one of several Gomberg planned on the central Oregon coast this summer following the end of the 2019 legislative session. The Oregon legislature passed around 800 bills this year, with some bills being of some local concern.

“Certainly the education bill will affect people on the coast, as well as the housing budget we passed,” Gomberg said. “We also passed a budget for veterans programs. It’s important we communicate these programs are available, that people earned them, deserve them and in some cases, need them.”

“Grill Gomberg” is scheduled from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on July 25. The OCCC north campus is located at 3788 SE High School Drive in Lincoln City. The price of admission is $6 for those who want a cheeseburger at the event and free to those who don’t want to eat there. Staff, according to the small business development center, can only prepare food for those who register in advance. 

For more information or to confirm attendance, call Shirley Hill, OCCC north county coordinator, at 541-994-4166 or email [email protected].