Gleneden Beach resident celebrates a century of life

Frances (Maloney) Opsahl is pictured in the 1940s, above, and in present day below. The Gleneden Beach resident celebrated her 100th birthday on May 19. (Courtesy photos)

Gleneden Beach resident Frances Opsahl, born Maloney, celebrated her 100th birthday on Tuesday, May 19.

Frances is a descendant of pioneers Andrew and Anna Wisniewski. They came to homestead in Lincoln County from Poland in the 1880s.  Frances’s mother, Sophia Wisniewski, Was one of their eight children. They all farmed in Lincoln Beach and worked at the cannery on the Siletz River in the early 1900s.

By the time Sophia met her husband, Frank Maloney of Newport, her family had built a larger home in Depoe Bay. When Frank returned from World War I, they married and moved to the Kelso-Longview area, Where Frank worked for Weyerhaeuser Co. Francis was born in 1920, followed by sister Mary and brother Pat Maloney.

Frances met Fred Opsahl when he worked for Longview Fibre. They started their family in Kelso. First child Kathryn was followed by John, Donna and Doug. They eventually moved to a farm in Castle Rock, Wash. Four more children followed: Bob, Marty, Chrissy and Craig.

Over the decades her family has continued to grow. She has 18 grandchildren, 30 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

Frances reads three newspapers. She knows her politics so don’t even think of debating her; she has lived the history. She has seen wars, epidemics, horse-drawn wagons and men on the moon with plans for Mars. She does crossword puzzles in ink — she’s one sharp cookie.

Frances is a loving and patient parent, aunt and friend. She is greatly appreciated and loved by all her family and friends.


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