From the ground up

Jarat Sweeden, seated, is the owner of Custom Finish Carpentry, a new construction business he started this past February. He provides construction services “from the ground up.” Also pictured is Sweeden’s employee, Gavin Morris. (Photo by Steve Card)

Custom Finish Carpentry provides range of construction services

Jarat Sweeden first started doing construction work shortly after graduating from Waldport High School in 2001. Since then, he has put in his time and honed his skills in most all aspects of the building trade, and with that knowledge, he recently decided to strike out on this own. He started a business called Custom Finish Carpentry in February of this year.

Sweeden has worked for four or five different construction outfits over the years. He was doing primarily exterior work until 2009, when he went to work for Max Jones and Don Staffenson at S & J Construction. “Since 2009, it’s been from the ground up,” Sweeden said regarding the types of construction jobs they worked on. “We did everything.”

Sweeden said he had been contemplating going out on his own for the past couple of years. “I had no more room to grow as an employee, so I knew that it was the next step, and I knew it was something I was capable of,” he said. “I was ready for it.”

When asked if his new business focuses on any particular aspect of construction work, Sweeden said, “I specialize in finish carpentry, doing cabinet installs, setting doors and all the trim work, some flooring … but I’m from the ground up, too. I do new construction, remodels. I’ve got the knowledge to take on all these different jobs.”

Sweeden has one employee, Gavin Morris, working with him at Custom Finish Carpentry. “He’s new to the trade, but he’s doing real good, learning quick and staying busy,” he said.

In just the few months since going out on his own, Sweeden has done a variety of different jobs. He said one interesting one was a project for the soon-to-open Newport Brewing Company on Canyon Way. And under the listing of out-of-the-ordinary projects, “I did a cat enclosure,” Sweeden said, “about 8 feet by 16 feet, and we built it all out of pressure treated wood and put up a screen.”

Custom Finish Carpentry is willing to take on projects throughout Lincoln County, and people wanting to discuss their ideas with Sweeden can reach him by calling 541-264-0439. People can also view photos of some of his work on Facebook at Custom Finish Carpentry.


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