Former Newport-based author shares strategies for screen time

This new book, “[Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free,” written by Doug Smith, addresses the issue of how people’s lives are being consumed by screen time. Smith will give a presentation at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10, at the Newport Church of the Nazarene. (Courtesy photo)

Is more of your life consumed by screens than you think is best for you or your family? Is the technology that is supposed to make your life easier actually holding you back?

Former longtime Newport resident Doug Smith invites people to take a positive step toward breaking free from the screens in their lives by joining him for a special event where he will share his new book, “[Un]Intentional: How Screens Secretly Shape Your Desires, and How You Can Break Free.”

This free event will be held at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 10, in the fireside room at the Newport Church of the Nazarene, 227 NW 12th St.

Smith, now a resident of Tennessee, will share a few words, some piano music and offer signed books at a great discount. People are invited to start their year with this short, fun and inspiring event that can help them and their families overcome the negative influence of screens in their lives and free them to live out their purpose.


About [Un]Intentional

[Un]Intentional (Credo House Publishers; ISBN: 978-1625861214) shows how people’s obsession with screens often takes them — unintentionally — to places they regret. It reveals the way many apps, games and videos are designed to entice them to make decisions and form harmful habits that profit the creators at the user’s expense. [Un]Intentional helps readers break free by guiding them through proven biblical principles to reclaim their thought life, make good decisions, and fulfill their God-given mission.


About Doug Smith

Doug Smith offers an insider’s perspective on the impact of technology, informed by more than two decades of web programming experience and a lifetime of Bible study. He is a popular speaker, teacher and mentor who is focused on helping people find freedom in Christ. He is married to fellow author Lyneta Smith, and the couple is blessed with four daughters.


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