Former MMA fighter settling into Newport

Wallner standing with logo- Nathan Wallner, owner of Tsunami Training, LLC, poses in front of his gym after nine months of being in business. With the one year anniversary around the corner, Wallner is excited to keep growing within the community. (Photo by Nugesse Ghebrendrias)

NEWPORT — After almost a year since opening, Tsunami Fitness continues to make waves

In three months, Tsunami Training Center, LLC will be officially a year old after nine months in business.

Owner Nathan Wallner, a former mixed martial arts fighter and current first degree black belt, not only praised the time he has spent in Newport, but he can’t wait to continue Tsunami’s growth.

“Obviously it is a team inside here,” Wallner said as he motioned to his gym as a whole. “But I think we are a team in a sense as in the entire community of Newport. Contributing and becoming a valued member of the community is important, and that’s really what I want. I want people to want me to be here, and I want to make the community better than where I found it.”

Well, that hasn’t been a problem for Wallner and his physical training company. From his first week in Newport back in February, enrollment in his courses has only increased.

Training includes fundamental and advanced jiu-jitsu classes, along with traditional GI training and a combative class for all Oregon coast residents.

Tsunami Training also has a Boot Camp designed to “keep your heart and your body guessing from start to finish,” Wallner said.

And, people who are looking for an avenue to get their kids into some physical activity, look no further. Wallner and his professionally trained staff offer kids courses that teach age-specific classes and tutelage in the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Three different classes are offered depending on age; Minnows (ages 3-5), Mako Sharks (ages 6-10) and Tiger Sharks (ages 11-15).

Everyone can come in and train, or just get out of the house for some exercise.

“I think nowadays, kids have too much screen time and sometimes even 45 minutes or a full hour can be a big difference for some of these kids,” Wallner said.

And Wallner’s commitment to the Newport community has shown, as increases in membership have allowed him to create more classes for community members. He and his wife, Casey, plan to expand their interests in the near future. In fact, Wallner and his family become official owners and will have four lots in the area of 5280 NE Shell World Place to expand their interests, including a practice for Casey, a dietician who currently works out of Eugene.

“I want to just continue what I’m doing here. I want to build a business that brings value to the community. We aren’t 100 percent sure how to monetize all of this new space that we have, but we want to bring something that will benefit the community,” Wallner said. “More and more people hear from others about us, and we continue to grow.”

One of the options is a potential rock-climbing facility. A friend of Wallner’s (who’s also a member of Tsunami) might bring that to life next door to the Tsunami Training Center, a member of the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu network.

“That wasn’t something he thought would succeed, but he saw what we were doing here and the success we had. I told him to build one right here next door,” Wallner said.

Whether or not that rock-climbing facility comes to fruition, one thing is certain — Wallner and Tsunami Training, LLC are here to stay.

Anyone who is interested in learning about the training offered can call 541-606-4789 or go online at


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