Financial Freedom: Top three scams targeting elderly

As a financial advisor, I work with retirees and the elderly. I have seen an increase in scamming activity primarily targeting this senior generation. I thought I would share the research I have done and bring awareness to the top three scams we need to be on the watch for.

Sweepstakes Scams — Criminals contact victims and tell them they’ve won the lottery and need to pay a fee to collect their winnings. Please don’t fall for it, they would be sending you a check if you won.

Robocalls and Unsolicited Phone Calls — Americans are inundated with robocalls, and technology allows scammers to make it seem that their call originates in the consumer’s state or local area code. I get these calls, too, so be aware.

IRS Impersonation — Scammers claim an individual owes back taxes and penalties and threatens arrest or home foreclosure unless the person pays immediately. Yikes, I have seen some scared clients calling me about this. It’s a scam for sure. The IRS will not call you.

Be on watch for these and others.

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Source: Senate Committee on Aging


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