Final game cements Newport’s legacy

FOREST GROVE — The plan was to bury the third-place trophy. It comes as no surprise that Newport wanted nothing to do with playing in the third-place game of the 4A state tournament. The team had one goal all season — to win a state championship — and came up four points short of reaching that goal in the semifinal round loss to Seaside. With a game still left to play after the gut-wrenching loss, head coach Doug Sain told his team that they have until midnight, only a couple of hours, to mourn the loss of coming up short of a season-long goal. It was a task easier said than done. “It was tough, obviously it doesn’t go that way,” said senior Jack Fisher. “You wake up in the morning still not happy.” “It was tough knowing that you give it your best and you come up short,” added senior Kye Blaser. “It’s tough knowing that giving everything you had wasn’t enough to get the W.” Even the head coach wasn’t sure what the final game of the season would bring following Friday’s demoralizing loss to the eventual state champion Seaside. “We were devastated, somewhere before 11 a.m. we didn’t care,” Sain said. “We were going to bury the third place trophy if we got it, and somewhere around 11 a.m., Kye said, “alright, I feel like winning.” And then from there we had a fun day to be together as a team, by the time we got here we were loose and focused.”

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