Family seeks closure

Signs along the highways throughout Lincoln County seeking information about the disappearance and murder of Kelly Lynn Disney have drawn complaints to the Oregon Department of Transportation. Disney was last seen walking along Highway 20 east of Newport at about 1 a.m. on March 9, 1984. Ten years later, her skull was discovered in an abandoned vehicle near Newport’s Big Creek Reservoir. Her death was ruled a homicide, but no suspects have ever been named, and the skull found more than 25 years ago was the last evidence of her fate to be unearthed. Disney’s family has recently been engaged in a push for closure and started a Gofundme page ( to raise money for a reward for information leading to the discovery of her remains and the arrest and conviction of her killer. An ODOT spokesperson said the department has received complaints about the signs and would be checking to see if any are located in the state right of way. If they are, the spokesperson said, a note will be placed on those not blocking sight lines or otherwise creating a safety hazard, asking for their removal within 10 days. Those that do create a safety issue will be removed and stored for the owner to recover, as will those with notes not removed within 10 days.


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