Fair Democrats

I heard that some visitors to the Lincoln County Fair booth recently sponsored by the local Democrats were deeply offended by a dummy child in a cage, sleeping under an aluminum foil blanket.

As a local Democrat myself, I am shocked and offended, too. I am shocked at the reality of our current child separation policy. That policy is the true offense. To those that didn’t enjoy seeing this pale imitation, I can only say, I wish you were shocked by what lies behind it.

Sadly, I fear your anger is really about the role that Trump and his supporters have played in creating that grim childhood and family-killing reality. In other words, you are angry because our display showed you what your policies are like in real life. The display was a mirror — if you didn’t like what you saw, look to yourself, not to us.

I imagine that when a child is separated from its family and placed in a cage, its first instinctive cry would be “Mama!” What a great idea for an acronym and slogan — MAMA! (Make America Magnanimous Again).

The Oxford English Dictionary defines magnanimous: “Of great courage, nobly valiant. Generous in feeling or conduct, not petty, nobly ambitious.” It is a word and set of concepts that is worth knowing.

America isn’t perfect, but the real America was always aspirational, always about being nobly ambitious. In America’s greatest moments, our nation has always been about making life better for all people.

The real America was never about abusing innocent refugee children, banning other religions, assaulting or exploiting women, celebrating white supremacy, attacking immigrants and minorities, suppressing and corrupting free elections or all the other divisive, bitter and ugly behavior the Trump Administration has displayed.

So don’t blame Democrats for the ugly behavior they have merely exposed and held up to the light. Blame the people responsible for it and the people who continue to support it — even when they are clearly offended by what they see.  

Irene Rasmussen



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