Experience matters: vote for Jonathan Cable

Over the past several weeks, I have seen a discrepancy in the character of the candidates for Lincoln County District Attorney. While Jonathan Cable is investing his time and energy into bringing together our community, his opponent, Lanee Danforth, appears to be blanketing the county with donor dollars by way of mass mailings and pre-recorded calls soliciting votes.

Early in the COVID-19 crisis, DA Cable provided an explanation of Gov. Brown’s stay-at-home order. Shortly after her order was released, DA Cable had an online message ready for distribution, answering questions and clarifying what we all needed to know, not just to stay in compliance with the order, but also to keep our families safe.

Throughout this difficult time, DA Cable has utilized online resources to hold town hall meetings. He is answering questions, and he is openly discussing the issues important to us. In his outreach, we can see his personal investment in this community.

DA Cable’s commitment to Lincoln County is no surprise. Prior to being appointed DA, he served as the deputy DA of Lincoln County for nine years. He is a past president of the Lincoln County Employee Association, where he expanded his knowledge of county budgets. He is the chair of the Elder Abuse Task Force. Jonathan Cable is steadfast in his commitment to the people of Lincoln County, a transparent and fair justice system and also the financial responsibility of his office.

It has been my pleasure to know Jonathan Cable for about a year, and in that time, I have seen his deep commitment to Lincoln County and the wellbeing of her citizens. In this time of uncertainty, there is deep contention running between friends, family and neighbors. Now, more than ever, community matters, kindness matters and in our trusted leaders, experience matters.

Lisa Marie Hyslop

Seal Rock