Every county homeowner should be heard

My husband and I are homeowners of property located on Wakonda Beach. This is our one and only home, and we love it. When we are not in residence, we have a Lincoln County permit to rent out our home to short-term guests.  

We hear the argument that allowing short-term rentals is about money. Yes, it is about money. We are a middle-income retired couple. We rely on the rental income to help us meet our living expenses in these times of ever-increasing costs.

But this is our home. We do not want our home used for parties or by a crowd of people. That is why compliance with Lincoln County requirements is reasonable and an easy choice for us.  The limited number of guests keeps our septic system from being stressed — we do not want to have septic issues. We have a limited number of vehicles with very specific parking areas — we do not want landscaping driven on or our street blocked. Our immediate neighbors are most affected by our guests, and we take that seriously.

I do not understand how allowing STRs is about privilege. All of us who live in this area are privileged. This is not about laws or boundaries. We work hard to be in compliance, and compliance means laws and boundaries. We are happy that the rent we receive also helps our property management staff to meet their living expenses. They are our neighbors and our friends, too.

We think it is critical for every homeowner in Lincoln County to be able to be heard. We do not consider this a fight with punches being thrown, or worse, a war with shots being fired. It should be a disagreement where all sides of the issue have the opportunity to be respectfully heard. 

If you would like additional information about those in favor of STRs with limitations, I suggest you visit viaoregon.com.

Patrice Magill



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