Elect Sandy Roumagoux mayor of Newport

Newport should be grateful to learn that Sandy Roumagoux has offered to serve our wonderful city again as mayor.

During Sandy’s prior three terms (preceded by two years as a city councilor), she formed a strong partnership with City Manager Spencer Nebel. She guided the city council through many difficult and sometimes contentious discussions. She was actively involved in the Big Creek Dam project and addressed intricate financial issues the city faced. She won election to the board of the Oregon Mayors Association and forged vital partnerships with state and national leaders, which offered important benefits to Newport.

In her ongoing profession as an artist and art teacher, Sandy put Newport on the cultural map as a haven for creative accomplishments.

The ongoing crisis of COVID-19 in our community, along with the economic and business devastation it has brought, requires gritty, determined decisions and effective political partnerships. Sandy Roumagoux is a seasoned leader who will keep Newport first as she guides us all through these unique and uncertain times.

In this divisive and difficult national election year, I know that Sandy Roumagoux’s campaign will be one of civility, compassion and common sense — characteristics that defined her prior three terms.

Please join me in electing Sandy Roumagoux to serve again as Newport’s mayor.

Susan Elizabeth Reese Painter



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